A Twist of Citrus

So today I bought an Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard off of a coworker to try out with my iPad. I have to say this is pretty convenient, and lot faster than using the on-screen keyboard. It's also really convenient as a travel keyboard because it's so small, so I plan to take it with me back the the US when I go back, since I don't really have a functioning laptop I can take back. This will do a good job of making up a little of the difference, although I'm hopeful I can find a good coding app to use in the meantime so that I can work a little on my website during my downtime.

I'm curious to see if it's convenient to use this keyboard while I'm on the bus or not, and also how long the batteries will last. Guessing probably not so convenient on the bus, and based on Apple's dedication to not wasting electricity on its portable electronics, I have a feeling both the keyboard and mouse will last a pretty long time between charges. I'll keep you posted.

Jamie says I'm addicted to computers, and I think he's right. But I couldn't say no. I got a combination Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic mouse for $100 from a coworker. They retail individually for $75 in the online shop, and I've seen them in store for even more than that. In addition to that, they are both so compact that they give my hands and wrists a better surface to work on which feels much less stressful.

When I get home I'll try out the mouse with my Windows 7 machine. Hopefully the Windows drivers play nice and I'm able to use the snazzy gesture features, but as long as it has basic two-button and mouse-wheel functionality, that's good enough for me!

Oh and on an almost completely unrelated note: I realized the other day that I can change the font in the iPad's notes application from the Comic Sans of Apple, 'Noteworthy", to Helvetica, and boy is that potentially the best update I've noticed between the iOS running on iPad 2's compared to the iPad 1st generation I had been borrowing from a friend to try out.