A Twist of Citrus

This is just a quick note to say that i've updated the archives page and the blog css feed to remove the daily news digests. I'll eventually add it back into the archives page when i implement filtering, but, until then you can read them on the blog itself. If you're subscribed to my google reader rss, you'll still get my shared articles through that, or if you use google reader yourself you can just follow me.

I had a few complaints from people who use google reader that they found it annoying that my blog rss posted the same articles my reader feed posted. That's the reason for the change, if anyone is interested.

In addition to the major backend redesign of the Blog, other little (front end) changes include showing the blog category in the title of each post. So now every blog will be preceeded by something like "Music:" or "News:" or "Video:" so you have more of an idea of what's in the post before you choose to read it.

Keywords are also in the works, so I can automatically show related posts, and such.

I'd ask for folks to comment about what they think, but I haven't implemented comments yet. Sigh. This weekend.

Enjoy the lower amount of visual clutter on the Blog RSS and Archives!