A Twist of Citrus

This is one of those time when I'm so excited about the internet and music platforms like Soundcloud, Grooveshark and even Youtube. I've been working on a setlist of some of my favorite electronica artists that haven't gone very mainstream yet, and I actually came across a new remix for Gotye's Somebody I Used to Know that absolutely knocked my pants off.

TheFatRat isn't big even in electronica circles, but he's been generating some music blog buzz and you'll find many of his remixes on electronica collections on YouTube. The music is intoxicating and eminently danceable. As for his "sound", expect thick, vibrato-laced base lines with lots of chirping, chops and imported sounds from the funk/jazz scene.

In some interviews, he's described his music as what ADHD sounds like, but I think that is a distinction more suitable for GirlTalk, than TheFatRat. Yes, the music is constantly shifting and there are more sounds sprinkled throughout his music than confetti across times square at the new year, but it all has a very deliberate feeling to it. As someone who been classically trained on the piano for about 18 years, it's hard to miss the structure TheFatRat imbues in his music. It's not enough to say that because there's a lot of staccato and quick chord progressions that his music is ADHD. Heck, Chopin and other romantic era composers practically built their careers on using music to reach into their audiences minds and keep them thoroughly occupied. People like listening to music with drama in it.

Oh, and he seems to have a penchant for taking sappy hipster music and turning it into something ridiculously accessible to people who don't own a fixie. I dig.