A Twist of Citrus

Image: The Unweaver: Second Edit

2012-04-13 13:04:35 UTC by

I had another crack at the image I was working on last night.

  • The tree and the crack in the setting sun are now more normalized to the same angles I've used throughout the design.
  • I changed the title font to Cuprum and the subtitle font is Abel. These are both open fonts available from Google Web Fonts.

  • Probably the most obvious change is I've added a logo above the main title which carries the same motif as the sun and the tree above. This logo, as you may have guessed, is inspired by the Eye of Horus.

I'm always open to suggestions. In case you're wondering why I've suddenly started tacking "The Unweaver" on top of the Scenes from a Future Memory title...well that's too bad. I'm not ready to explain myself just yet.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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