A Twist of Citrus

The Sydney Mourning Herald Half Marathon Course Map

Last night I signed up for my second half marathon, the Sydney Morning Herald's Half Marathon. It's one loop this year, unlike last year's two loops, and it goes all around downtown Sydney. I'm very excited to see how my knees hold up now that I'm on a much more regular exercise routine. With my twice a week trips to Spudds boosting my cardio along with the 2-3 times a week in addition that I swim, I'm really hopeful that this time prove to be a lot easier than the first one I ran. That, dear readers, culminated in me finishing the race and then promptly moving as far to the side of the track as possible so I could hurl the watered down gatorade I had drank at the last water station.

This time I hope to also be more carful about chaffing issues. Nobody warned me about nipple chaffing problems before my last half marathon. OUCH. Bandaids over the nips this time, please.

The run is just under two months away. If Jamie and I end up going to Japan as planned, we'll be back and have two more weeks to train for it. I also wanted to mention that when we signed up we had the option of specifying a charity for a portion of our entry fee to go to, and we chose a Lymphoma research charity in honor of my old roommate Mike, who fought and beat his Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Anyway, it's a good cause, and he was a lucky one. A lot of people who have Lymphoma aren't lucky enough to survive it.

I'm thankful for every day,