A Twist of Citrus

Been listening to a lot of music this week, so I'd thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Let's start with The Gossip - Heavy Cross. I love the lead singer Beth Ditto. She's got miles of sass to go around and she makes no oppologies for having a different body type that you typically see in the music scene. We need more Beth Dittos on in front and center. This song is 2 years old, but it's not even close to as far back I plan to go today.

Next up we got some Tommy Sparks. He totally appeals to my video game music loving inner nerd. Good stuff.

I promise this is the last indie song I have for today. This video is actually fresh off the press, people. Foster the People - Call It What You Want. I am absolutely 100% convinced the guy floating in the hallways is an intentional reference to Royksopp's music video for What Else Is There, and I won't believe anyone who tells me otherwise.

Finally, I don't know how this came up last night, but Jamie and I randomly both started singing If I Can't Have You. And then proceeded to argue about whether Yvonne Elliman's version is the original or a cover of a BeeGees original. Wikipedia reveals... The Beegees cut a demo, but she was picked by the BeeGees to record and release the song for Saturday Night Fever, and their demo was never released. Yvonne has a nice full voice, and I love that she's from Hawaii. We really need more Hawaiian pop stars. So pretty.

I told you we'd be going way back, baby. I think that's enough for tonight. I can't believe I didn't try to push any Scandinavian electronica on you guys.

What is wrong with me today??