A Twist of Citrus

I'm riding on the ferry home alone tonight so i thought I'd eke out a quick post about a drink I'd tried a couple weeks ago but haven't had a chance to blog about.

I don't think I've actually complained about it on here, but I have been suffering by a persistent, but rather mild ulcer for the last several weeks. (Duodenal ulcer, to be precise.) It's the second time I've had one in the last two years, and thankfully it's pretty much gone away now. I'm still eating very carefully, and I'm on a completely caffeine and alcohol free diet for now. At least until I'm certain I've taken care of it completely. I probably should have gone to the doctors, but last time I went he gave me a prescription for over the counter meds and told me to take it easy on alcohol and caffeine and heavy foods, so I'm just following his directions and getting the meds myself this time.

Anyway, my brother and mom mentioned that a lot of people drink aloe juice for their stomach problems, and I saw that the little coffee shop where I tend to go to buy my breakfast in the mornings at work stocks a bunch of POKKA brand drinks in a can. (POKKA is a Japanese brand. I've always associated them with iced teas and the like, but it appears they do all sorts of canned beverages... teas juices and sodas.

pokka aloe vera juice drink photo

But the flavor of it is pretty good. The two major ingredients included are Aloe juice and white grape juice, so you definitely get the grape juice flavor in there, but otherwise it tastes exactly like what you would expect aloe to taste like. That is, it tastes more or less how it smells and how you would imagine something that smells that way would taste.

I've had it several times since, and it definitely does seem to have a generally calming effect on my stomach, although I'm not really sure how much of that is actually therapeutic and how much is just psycho-somatic / the placebo effect. Tough call.

Anyway my ferry is arriving at the wharf I need to get off on, so I'm gonna wrap this up. Later!

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