A Twist of Citrus

Well, I must say this past weekend as very productive!

  • I've migrated from the /0####.html permalink style to one that actually uses the title of the post in the URL. Hopefully that will boost my Google Juice a little bit.

  • My awesome friend Olivia is writing a collaborative story with me. We actuall started it a couple years ago, but only made it to 3 chapters before it fizzled out and we're only just not getting around to picking it up again. I hope you enjoy reading it. It's a bit heady sometimes, but if you're as big of a nerd as we are, then you're sure to enjoy! Olivia, for those who don't know her, went to Uni with me at William and Mary and is now a Doctoral Candidate in the field of Music. The story is called Scenes From a Future Memory, and it's about a girl named Claire. Rather than writing in a temporally linear way (Read: sane way), we are linking the chapters thematically and jumping around in time, sometimes as much as many years at a time. Anyway, head on over and check it out!

  • Last weekend I put all the database tables in place to allow for people to sign up as users of the site. This will allow you to post with all your contact info saved as well allow you to choose to have new blog posts and news updates e-mailed to you periodically (at your discretion, of course). As I expand the site out, there will be certain pages which will require a login for you to use them, so when I finish writing the front end of this login system, I hope you will take the time to sign up!

  • Alright, so I've been promising comments for a very long time now, and commenting is finally here! As of right now, it's very basic. Your e-mail address will never be shown on the website, it's just a way for me to contact you privately if I don't want to respond via comment publicly. It also allows me to track spammers more easily, since it's pretty easy to spot a fake e-mail address. The 3*2 = 6 captcha should also do a pretty good job of stopping scripts from posting spam comments. I hope you'll engage with me in man lively discussions now that there's an easy way for you to respond to what I right.

  • I did a huge number of updates over the weekend in the back end of the website that keeps all the data nicely separated and organized. This means there were a lot of loose ends to keep track of and I'm sure I missed some details which caused things to break. If you find anything on the site that's broken, please leave a comment on this post and let me know what it is. Thanks!

  • Related to the previous point, I actually changed all the dates on this website to UTC (Greenwhich meantime), because frankly it doesn't make sense for me to track things in any one timezone given the international status of my readership. One of the benefits of signing up as a user is that it'll allow you to specify what timezone you are in so all the dates are in your local time. I should mention that in the the process of making this change, I actually made a mistake and broke the rss feeds for a little while. So, if you read this blog via google reader or another reader, you may have seen a whole load of duplicate posts marked as unread. I'm really sorry about that, but as soon as I noticed it was already too late to take them back. The problem is fixed though, so no more duplicates until i break it again. :)

I think that's it for now, I'll be spending some time on the site again this weekend, so there are bound to be more updates on the way for you! Thanks for staying loyal!