A Twist of Citrus

OK, so unless you've been living under a rock, then you've probably already seen this. But I wrote a blog lauding its impending arrival a week or so ago, so I feel obligated to post it here anyway.

In other music news, a friend of mine just turned me on to a new ban called SBTRKT. (I actually don't know if you're supposed to say the letters one at a time or if it's like MSTRKFT and you're supposed to say "Subtract"...) My two favorite tracks from their eponymous debut album are Wildfire and Pharaohs.

I also wanted to share a music video with pretty much the most badass girl in the history of forever evar. Dubstep is apparently the coolest thing since NKOTB, so in a quest to convince myself I'm not old and disconnected from the pulse of world music, I'm trying to not hate it. I mean seriously. Not. Hate. It. Thankfully, I've been making progress. I do like Nero's "Promises", and I also like Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (I have to wonder if that's not an homage to my childhood favorite CGI tv show-- Reboot), but I'm finding that I don't like remixes of pop songs very much. It only seems to jive with me when the songs are original creations, and even then most of the time I think it sounds like Transformers having diarrhea.

As I was saying though, even though I don't find the song "First of the Year (Equinox)" on its own to be particularly engaging, the video more than makes up for it. Creepy pedo/rapist guy follows little happy girl into a dark basement and awesomeness ensues Dubstep as sound effects track is very effective, and I really enjoy the special effects used. The little girl also possesses some otherworldly dexterity with her hands for someone her age, or those too are a miracle of computer animation. The whole thing is just so satisfying.

Jamie said he got a headache listening to the song and it ruined the video for him, so if you have sensitive ears, don't let the robot farts give you a headache and turn the volume down, please.

*Un* *ts* *un* *ts* *un* *ts* *un* *ts*,


PS: Germans are hella weird. I don't even know where to begin with the video below. Song is good though. (That's actually a lie, but I don't feel like going all post-modern symbolism psycho and talk about how this is all a metaphor for overcoming our fear of what is unfamiliar to us, blah blah. I'm already boring myself.)