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General: Lent 2011

2011-03-12 04:03:48 UTC by

I guess I'm a few days late to report that Jamie and I are giving up alcohol for Lent. (Lent, for the uninitiated, is the period of 40 days that starts the day after Mardis Gras, Ash Wednesday, and lasts through Easter Sunday. It is traditional for Christians to give up something, usually food, as an act of fasting/penance in preparation of the remembrance of the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday.)

Honestly, I'm not really at all unhappy to say goodbye to drinking for the next month. The only time I'll miss it will be when I'd like a glass of wine after dinner like I usually have once or twice a week. Even then though, I see it as a great step in getting where I want to be fitness-wise. There are so may calories in alcohol.

The other benefit is that I get more time at home to work on my website since I'll probably not go out at all on weekends. Lot's of money to be saved by not taking taxis back home after the ferries stop running, and I think in general it should be a great month. Naturally, being only a few days in, I can't know that for sure, but I'm generally pretty good at this sort of thing.

Did any of you give up something for Lent?