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General: Killing Some Time

2011-03-16 04:03:41 UTC by

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I'm supposed to be meeting up with Jamie right now but he's been called into a meeting at work unexpectedly, so I have so time to kill. I think I'm going to make Japanese Curry for dinner tonight for all the roommates. I cheated a lot and bought frozen vegetables and chicken that's been pre sliced for stir frying in addition to my normal habit of going to an Asian super market and picking up curry cubes. Amusingly, the Asian market I went to today carries the exact same brand of curry I used to find in the international aisle at Giant back in Falls Church, VA. It's pretty darn good, but definitely no match for the fresh made curry and gyoza I used to get in Japan.

We're supposed to be in Japan having a great time a month from now. I was so incredibly full of excitement, and I still am, but now I'm more than a little saddened by what has happened and fearful of the potential radiation risks if they don't get Fukushima Daichi under control soon. I also feel like going after such a huge disaster is ... Awkward at best, disrespectful and flippant at worst. While we aren't planning to visit any of the majorly affected areas, Tokyo is certainly touched with problems stemming from the electricity problems that have stemmed from the Fukushima issues, and while the rest of the country may not even be suffering indirectly from any physical problems, the whole nation must be mourning for the loss of its people and their homes and lives.

On the flip side of that, Japan is now facing an economic crisis. They could probably use my tourist dollars. And I know a bunch of people in Japan right hang now who might be able to meet up and hang out who not be there much longer. It would be so great to catch up. Anyway, I just got a call fro, Jamie. Gotta run so we can make the 7:25pm ferry back to McMahons Point.

Praying for you, Japan,