A Twist of Citrus

Today i had a chance to make another Jamie Oliver "30 Minute Meal".  I should put extra quotes around 30 minutes because that's a total lie.  Maybe it takes thirty minutes if you have a whole kitchen staff working prep for you, but by myself I'd say it took me a good hour, and I didn't do the Carrot Mash or the Dessert.  Obviously I can cut the time way down next time when I know what I'm doing, but there's still no way I could add in two more things and still eke it out in 30 minutes.  Impossible.

So in other words, other than the actual chicken pie, I made the peas with lettuce.  I couldn't find the lettuce specified in the recipe, so I substituted baby cos lettuce hearts, and I have to say, the peas turned out really well. I think if I were making the pie again, I'd actually add them straight into the pie filling because there were a few times when the two mixed on my plate and it was total heaven.  I also didn't have fresh mint on hand so I substituted some dill since it seemed like a nice "fresh tasting" herb.  

For the pie, I determined that green onions are equivalent to shallots here.  I bought a huge bunch, and thought I would have to many to add, but it cooks down so much I think I'll put all of them in next time.  I don't particularly like mushrooms, so instead of those I put in potatoes which I boiled before hand. 

The result was incredible. I would rate it 9/10. The crust was a little undercooked underneath because I forgot to preheat the oven until like 5 minutes before I was supposed to put the pie in, so that's a lesson learned.  Maybe with a little tweaking I can get it up to 10/10.  Jamie said the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my food: "The flavors in that were like a fine dining restaurant."  Awww. 

Anyway, definitely a good one.  We'll be adding it to our regular rotation along with Jamie Oliver's sweet potato mash.  Super good.