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General: In Singapore

2012-09-22 00:09:08 UTC by

Well well well. This must be the nicest airport I've ever been to. They have a butterfly garden, free foot massages. Free internet. Free tv. Free places to charge your mobile. The only thing they dont have is free Wifi which a bit silly because they even have free ethernet based internet if you have the proper cables and a laptop. I'm traveling light so I don't have one.

But they do have little internet stations right up at your gate, and that's what I'm on now. I just thought I'd poke my head in and say "I'm alive" and that things are going really swimmingly. I've just completed a 2-week trip that included stops in Singapore, Holland and France, and it was quite a whirlwind of a trip!

More later, I have so many photos and so many stories from the trip I'd like to share. Until then, I have another 8 hours of flight time left before I can slink into my bed, curl up, and die from the exhaustion. This was not exactly a relaxing trip. But it was good!