A Twist of Citrus

Well, I inadvertently pushed some code changes I made months ago live today. I had actually forgotten I had redone the layouts for the blog and Scenes from a Future Memory, so that was a fun little surprise. The logo is going to look a little weird for a while until I have a chance to redo it again as a transparent PNG. I seem to have lost the original image, which is a bit of a tragedy, because I really like the look of the current logo.

As of now, the code running this site is about a year old, believe it or not. I imported the first blog post to my database on New Years day last year. It's been quite the year since then!

At the time, I was only a few months into my first job here in Australia, and feeling pretty lonely and homesick. Now, I am just starting a new job and last weekend I hosted a birthday party and was surrounded by friends I whose company I really enjoy. Jamie, Miguel and I had a great New Years Eve party as well, and overall I'm just really pleased with where my life is. I've been home to visit my family twice, and I'll be going to visit again in May when I go home to watch Jamie receive his diploma for his Masters.

I just finished my first week at a new job last Friday...I'm really loving it. The people are really friendly, and the "Cave" where they stick all the developers is anything but: It has wall to wall views of Bondi and the Harbor on two of the walls, a brand new shower room and it's attached to a truly massive kitchen with free food like apples and Nutella. I'm currently waste deep learning all about CakePHP and MongoDB for the project I'm assigned to, and I've already made some serious progress upgrading the project from Cake 1.3 to 2.0, so it's good to already have something to show for the last two weeks.

I'm really loving CakePHP so far. In fact, since I've been kind of avoiding updates to my site because of how much work it is to fix things, I'm thinking about scrapping all the current code the site runs on in favor of starting over with CakePHP and reworking it from the ground up. Obviously the database will stay, so all the content will still be here, and I won't let any of the links or anything change so most of the biggest changes will probably be pretty transparent to everyone.

It's been a great year, here's to a great 2012!