A Twist of Citrus

Hmm. Still not doing fantastic job with writing regularly, but I'm doing my best. My friend Kristine just finished her first official full marathon competition, yesterday. What an accomplishment! She's been training for months for it, and I've really seen the difference it's made in her confidence. Really inspiring. It's so amazing what anyone can accomplish with a goal and a little passion to keep you motivated.

Jamie and I've got a mud run coming up in a couple weeks. It's going to be faaareeeziing. Fun. But freezing. I'll be running it with some friends from J's office who are hardcore ultra marathoners, so that should be harrowing if not also awesome. Also, there's nothing like jumping over fires to get ones blood pumping in the morning. It's the day before July fourth, so we're trying to come up with a silly costume idea that involves the American flag or something equally "Americana". Well probably take some time on saturday to find something good.

I've been really enjoying my new iPad. Trips to and from work are now far more entertaining. I primarily bought it because I want to start consistently blog throughout the week, but, honestly not too much exciting things have been happening to kick me in the but and get something going.

I have been working on some dynamic HTML shininess that I need to blog about. It's called "grass" and it's basically just a code essay to help me better understand background offsets and jquery manipulation of styles with some animation experimentation thrown in. Way back in the day when I had lots of free time in middle and high school, I used to play with JavaScript and Flash animations, and my favorite tool back then to generate smooth motion was the sine wave. It's been fun to rediscover how sine waves can add grace to an otherwise clunky animation loop.

If I can get my rear in gear, I'll post about that tomorrow. Now it's time for bed.