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2011-04-20 06:04:19 UTC by

Those who know me well know that I have a deep and unfading love for several Scandinavian artists, so I'm sure it comes as no surprise at all that I'm completely obsessed with this song by Lykke Li from her new album "Wounded Rhymes". She's such a talented artist. Her vocal talent stems from the passion and depth of her voice, not necessarily from it's strength. It has such a unique quality to it, I just can't help but feel transported when I hear her sing. Couple that with killer lyrics and a track that comes chock full of homages to the Beach Boys, Motown and her Scandinavian cohorts Royksopp. I gotta say, it's a winner for me!

The video is super sweet too. Although I have to say I'd probably run too if I saw my dead girlfriend chasing me down in the snow like that. Luckily she appears to have come back to life when they finally meet face to face. Phew.