A Twist of Citrus

Seriously, $0.55 a minute is simply ridiculous, when I can walk two blocks to McDonalds and get it for free. I'm staying on the executive floor, the booze is free, the food is free, but I have to pay for Internet unless I use one of their guest work stations? Ridiculous.

That probably means that even though I have three blog posts ready to go, you won't be seeing this post or any of the other ones I write until I get home in 2 days. Or walk into a McDonalds, or a coffee shop, or any of the 100 other places that seem to be offering free wifi lately.

I remember when WarDriving used to be a thing. I remember having to drive around neighborhoods, slowly, trying to find an unencrypted wifi connection so i could check my email or download a file that would have taken forever if I had tried to download it over my 28.8 dial up analog cellphone connection.

Ah, highschool,