A Twist of Citrus

But I won't be anywhere populated for very long. I'm heading first to Albequerque to see Jamie's family home and stomping grounds for a few days on my way back to Baltimore. I'll be back in Baltimore from late on the July 26th until Saturday morning, the 30th. During those three days, Mom has already scheduled a trip to see Mema (Yay!), and a family portrait, so time is already going to be pretty tight for seeing friends.

I am hoping, as of now, to come back around Christmas time for a shorter stint, albeit I'll probably be in Baltimore / Washington for more than 3 days on that trip, so it'll be easier to see people then.

I'm really excited to be heading back to spend a couple weeks of quality time with family at Sunset Beach. My brother, Thomas, who lives out in California generally doesn't make many appearances back on the east cost so this and Christmastime are pretty much my two options if I want to see him when I go back home to visit.

As I was saying though, I'll be heading to Sunset Beach. I'm pretty stoked about the almost two weeks I'll be spending there. It's such a beautiful and well-kept secret hidden on the border of North and South Carolina. The water there is very warm in August, and my favorite thing to do is lie in the surf and just let the waves lap over me slowly in the warmth of the sunshine. It's so healing.

The family time is also incomparable. Because we're living in a beach cottage (on stilts!) with only one floor and a very communal floor plan, we're sort of thrust upon each other and have to interact more than we normally would be. It's good because we plan for it, and there a lot of fun board games played, movies watched, dinners cooked and conversations had during the evenings. Every day is Saturday. (Although Dad makes Saturday even more of a Saturday by making us pancakes and bacon and eggs. Yum!)

There's lots of nature to photograph as well, and if you walk south down the seashore, the island becomes complete undeveloped and you can really "get away from it all" if you need to. It's also perfect for going on runs, since the shore is complete empty except for you and the occasional flock of seagulls that angrily flap out of your way.

I'll be certain to take lots of pictures and blog about my time back home and at the beach so you, dear readers, can catch a glimpse of what it's like. I've been going to the beach for my whole life, so it's actually going to be a little hard for me to figure out what to talk about. Everything we do pretty much has tradition behind it, so that's going to be hard to communicate, but it's worth trying to get written down. Not so much for your edification, but also for mine.

This keyboard really is worth its weight in gold. I totally wouldn't have been able to type all this out using the onscreen keyboard.

Very excited,