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General: Headed to Adelaide

2011-02-24 19:02:21 UTC by

I'm sitting on an airplane bound for Adelaide right now. I just spent an hour in a crowded terminal at the Sydney Domestic Airport. They told everyone 30 minutes we were supposed to hive started boarding that our plane had been moved from gate 40 to gate 38. Cue mass stampede. Then we had to wait for the prior flight to de-plane before we could begin the boarding process...not the best first experience with domestic flights since I moved here.*

So like I said, I'm on my way to Adelaide right now, against the advisement of almost everyone I asked. (The only place more consistently bemoaned being Canberra.) but, not being ones to listen to anything anyone tells us, Jamie and I decided that Adelaide was the place to visit next. I'm currently making my way through Bill Bryson's "Down Under", (that's "In a Sunburned Country" for all you Yanks out there) and he reports that adelaide is a delightfully laid out, if not quiet city, once the mecca of artistic and alternative lifestyle types. Unfortunately, there isn't much economically going on anymore in Adelaide to support those artistic types, so the distinction of being Ausalia's artsiest city had since been lost to Melbourne. I'm not sure how adelaide made it on the list higher than Melbourne. Never-mind that, its too late now; I'm stuck on an airplane headed for Adelaide.

We both took of Friday so we could make a long weekend out of our trip, and the plan is to take it easy while experiencing South Australia for the first time. Friday, we will likely spend most of the day walking sound the city and relaxed on the shore at Henley Beach, and then find a nice bar for a beer or two that evening and do some people watching. Speaking of which, girls who don't shave their armpits shouldn't wear sleeveless shirts on airplanes if they have carry on luggage. I may never rccover. Saturday, the plan is to spend all day out in the Barossa Valley, touring some of the oldest vineyards in South Australia, if not all of Australia. Originally, the plan was to do a sort of all-inclusive wine tour that would shuttle us around from vineyard to vineyard, but the word on the street is that all the cool kids get a ride out to the valley and then rent a pedal bike and cart themselves from vineyard to vineyard. How delightful! Full disclosure: I had granola for breakfast, and I have some latent liberal tendencies which I'm sure my parents will never forgive me for. (Hi, Mom!)

To be completely honest I'm not entirely sure which of the two main events I'm looking forward to more. I am, by nature, a water-oriented creature, but what limited experience I have had touring vineyards and doing wine tastings has been quite enjoyable. A jolly good time, I must say. I've also brought my camera with me, so I hope to bring back lots of scenic vistas and interesting shots of SA flora and fauna to compare and contrast with what I have in Sydney. Although I suspect suspect the change in geology eill not be nearly as drastic as I experienced between the north and south islands of New Zealand, I'm hoping I wont find that the entirety of this grand continent to be "more-of-the-same".

I guess thats all I should write for now.

Praying I don't have to flap my arms to keep this plane aloft,


*I did take a domestic fight to Cairns when I was here on vacation a little less than a year ago. The poor security man looked pretty disturbed when i tried to take my shoes off at the security line.**

**Unlike in the United States,*** Australia doesn't hate its citizens and if you're only flying domestically you can happily traipse through security. With your bottle of water and nail clippers. And the nice large man with the taser wont take you away for an "enhanced pat down" leaving you feeling like he should have at least taken you out for a first date.

***Note to TSA: my editor forced me write that last comment. I would never say anything bad about you guys ever. No, but in all honesty, I don't blame the TSA workers at all. What a thankless job, and I'm guessing that the poor man who had to give you that pat down probably enjoyed it even less than you did, unless you're famous. In which case: you probably made his day. Give yourself a pat on the back for that.