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General: Happy Halloween 2011

2011-10-31 15:10:51 UTC by

Don't let the ghosts or ghoulies get you! For halloween, I was a Lego man! (That's me showing off my MASSIVE BICEPS behind Jamie. LOL.)

We had a really really fun time out on Saturday, and it was especially cool to see all the reactions from children around the city. We rode the ferry past Luna Park on the way to Circular Quay, and there was a giant cascade of squeels as all the kids waiting in line for the ferry started crying out "Look at da LEGO man!"

Sadly, we put our heads down for a few minutes to go dance at one of the clubs while we were out, and some drunken revelers must have run off with our lego face pieces because they were nowhere to be found.

If I had been smart about it I would have taken photos of the whole construction process to blog about later, but we were in a big rush to make sure we weren't late for Kristine's party.

Basically, we found two giant lego head toy buckets in a toy department and cut the crap out of them until we could just barely fit our heads in them without cutting our jugulars on sharp plastic.


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