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General: Get out of my house!

2011-03-13 00:03:38 UTC by

For those of you who don't know, I feel like I live in the coolest place in all of Sydney.* It's an older condo building, probably from the 1940s, that sits right out on the end of Blues Point, which juts of the end of McMahons Point. Right out in the middle of the harbor. The main door opens to a sweeping view of the harbor, opera house and harbor bridge, along with most of the Sydney skyline. Our flat sits on the back end of the building about four stories off the ground, although ironically, because of the terrain we enter on the ground floor and have to decend half a flight to get to our front door.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the owners of our flat are broke (or something) and for the last 4 weeks, there have been open houses twice a week for folks to come see our flat who might want to purchase it. Luckily, I have never been home during any such open house (more because i loaned to be gone than out of luck, really) until yesterday. Yesterday was the final open house and while Jamie and i went down to the poo, to get away from it all, we miscalculated, and forgot we can see both our balconies and living room window from the pool. I got really angry seeing all those people in "my house". They were invading my space. I wanted to yell up to them, "Get out of my house, you vultures!"

But there wasn't anything I could do. It wasn't really my house, it was someone else's. So Me and my roommates are all hoping and praying for an investor to buy the condo so that we can stay. After the auction ended, we found out that a high enough bid was not placed, so the flat will likely be placed on the open market. The good news at least is that the top three bidders yesterday were all investor types, so it seems our chances of being able to stay are pretty good.

If we do have to move out, it will be at the end of April, which is very inconvenient because Jamie and I will be in Japan for the last two weeks in April. So we're really hoping we can stay. I think if we do end up having to move, we'll try to find a spot on the north shore again that has easy access to a ferry so we can continue taking that into work every morning. It really does so much to get ones head in the right place every morning. Taking a boat is much more close to nature and the elements than taking a bus or even a train. Nevertheless...



*Most Of my friends react with total disbelief when I say I live in North Sydney and I love it. "But it's so boring there. All the fun stuff is over here." Exactly. It's just the right amount of sleepy, family friendly and with good places to eat, beautiful views and water all around... What more could I want? Different priorities, I guess.