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General: Face Recognition Test

2011-03-11 20:03:12 UTC by

I finally got around to doing that face recognition test I posted about the other day. It was actually much more sophisticated than I had imagined. I guess i was just expecting to see a bunch of photos of strangers faces compared to a bunch of other ones I had been exposed to. That is sort of the basis of the test but it goes much further than that. Instead of being mugshots, the test removed all non-facial characteristics from the shots, and then the remaining face details were mapped onto a 3D surface which allowed the test givers to present faces from multiple angles. It definitely made me think about how i analyze faces...how I break them down into defining characteristics and how arbitrary those characteristics seem when you think of them objectively.

The shape of the brow. Contours of the cheek, but especially at least for me, it's the jawline and the the nose that I seemed to be able to distinguish the most easily. The test says it takes 20 minute to take, but I'm pretty sure i blasted through easily under 10 minutes. My trigger finger did cause me to pick the wrong answer once, so i don't know how that effected the end result (whether my guess was the correct one, I mean). My score was 88%, which, according to their last survey period was above average, so thats cool. I definitely forgot a couple of the faces I was supposed to remember, and others stood out much mo readily in the group. I wonder if. They were similar to other people that I know in real life? Maybe its just because their defining features more closely aligned with my personal identification strategy. The other thing I noticed was how little information we truly need for our brains to fill in the rest.

At the end of the "test", they highlight that a score below 30% may indicate the test taker may have face-blindness. This seemed to imply that people must have this problem and may not even realize it. I will have to read up more about that. Interesting stuff to be sure! How did you score, readers?