A Twist of Citrus

This breaks my heart.

His parents need to be sent to jail for being the monsters that they really are. Where the hell were the hospital workers? He fell down the stairs 6 times and nobody thought "Gee, this doesn't look like the kind of injury that happens from tripping on the sidewalk."????

All of this happened to the kid, and his Dad has held a gun to his head after he re-came out to them. How evil are these parents!? What in the world is wrong with these people. It just doesn't make sense.

I see the face of Jesus in this guy, and the devil in his parents. If they truly did all these things to him as he described, they are evil, evil, horrible people. They deserve the wrath of God and I hope they are judged very harshly on judgement day for their terrible sins against their own son. Monsters.