A Twist of Citrus

Here's a bit of encouraging news. A group of students and workers in Utah lifted a burning SUV off of a trapped motorcyclist who was trapped underneath. This is such a touching piece of news, so apropos on the heals of stories of tea party debate audience members saying poor uninsured people should be left to die if they can't pay for their medical care. Contrast that with the selfless act of the average citizens seen saving that poor motorist. (WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEARING A HELMET!)

For their bravery, the rescuers are being called "heroes" and "angels," though none want the labels.

"That's a big title," said Sharif, a doctoral candidate from Lebanon. "I don't consider myself a hero. It's just our humanity ... Everyone is going to help."

Their few minutes of heroics were captured on video and have gone viral on the Internet. The man they saved — the 21-year-old Utah State University student — is grateful.

Here's a video of the whole rescue as it goes down.

Contrast that with this one:


Socialists should have let the jerkwad assume responsibility for himself and die. Or something. Thank God that's not the way the real world works.