A Twist of Citrus

Jamie wanted to go into the city so he could work out at his gym, so I decided to get out of the house and went with him. (There was another annoying open house going on anyway, so I definitely didn't want to be stuck at home during that.) In case you haven't been in the loop (Read: I haven't forced the spec list on you yet via e-mail) I've ordered a bunch of computer parts to put together a brand new computer! I haven't built a new computer since I put together Tomputer the winter after I graduated from College.* And I left him back there in the US to keep recording my favorite TV shows so I could watch them over here Down Under. Anyway, I guess let me start by listing out the parts I'm using to build it:

The plan right now is to install Ubuntu and Windows 7 on there to start, and if I can find a really cheap 2nd hard drive, I'd like to install Snow Leopard on there as well so I can start trying my hand at developing iPhone apps. But, this is all really secondary information. The point of all of this is that although mwave.com.au had a lot of really great deals on computer hardware. (At least for Australia, anyway, newegg.com still trumps anything I've found, it's too bad they don't do international shipping, though.) That being said, their accessories aren't priced very competitively, even by Australian standards. I went to a local JB HiFi (record and electronics store chain) in the CBD, and they had better prices on portable hard drives than mwave did. That being said, $90 for a portable 500 gig drive is ridiculous. I would have paid half the price on newegg for twice the space. Case in point: I spent $89 on sale to buy this exact hard drive from JB HiFi. Oh wait, no, it wasn't exactly the same, it was the 500gig version. Electronics in Australia are expensive as.**

*Tomputer is the media center I built with 3 tv tuners, 3 terabytes of disc space and 2x solid state, raided hard drives for Mythbuntu. He was named by my roommate's sister, and it's short for TV-Computer, because that's what he is.

**In Australia, instead of saying something like "Expensive as all get out" or similar, they tend to leave the rest off and say simply "____ as!" It was very confusing at first because I thought they were saying "____ ass!" which got really confusing, as I'm sure you can imagine.