A Twist of Citrus

Today Jamie and I decided to drive about an hour out of town to do the Warrior Dash. (Big thanks to our friend Gail for lending us her car!). The drive was a bit stressful. I am still not totally used to being a passenger when Jamie drives on the opposite side of the road from normal. But, we made it there in one piece. Google said it would take an hour, but I think it was more like an hour and 45 minutes in the end. We were supposed to start our run at 2:30, but it was 2:15 as we drove into the pwrking area, and we still had to pick up our race packets and pin on our numbers. We missed our "wave" but we started with the one after ours so it turned out OK. The run was just over 5k and was a little hilly in the beginning, probably to break up the crowds as much as possible before we reached the first obstacles...which were super fun, by the way. Rope bridges and mud pits and wire webs, oh my! The fire walls we had to jump at the end were also pretty sweet.

Honestly, I wished there were more water features involved, because even though it rained on us the whole time I was sweating like a mofo. Overall though, it was a good time, and if I have the chance to go back and do it again in the future, I'll make sure it's with a group of friends and we will all be in ridiculous costumes. My favorites from today were a group of power rangers and a group of cross dressing Britney spears complete with blonde wigs. Hilarious.

They havent posted the photos from it yet, but when they do i will definitely be sharing those. Anyway, my cold is telling me its time to go to bed. Until next time, sports fans!