Thanks for stumbling in... At least, I presume that's why you're here, web-traveler. If you're here because I made you visit, thanks for indulging my excitement for 30 seconds. If you found this website on purpose, then you must be smart, web-traveler. (Is my ego stroking working? Do you want to stay?) I hope you found what you were looking for.

You're still here, confused web-traveler? You must be either be a sadist or you are really at a loss for things to do on Monday night. Sorry. Let's get on to the next section already. I think instead of making you feel welcome I've only managed to insult you in several uncreative ways.

What is lemon-lime?

What is lemon-lime? Lemon-lime is the meeting of bitter, sweet and sour... The convelescence of our soul's dark and light nature come to fruition... It's– Ok that's all I got. Lemon-lime is my favorite kind of soda and the domain name was available. Also it kind of provides its own color scheme. Anyway, it's certainly nondescriptive enough for me to use it for all kinds of different projects, which is the real goal I had in mind when I started doing websites. Hopefully at least one thing on here has proven useful for you. If not, maybe drop me a line and let me know about something you've always wanted to see on the internet, but have never found. Which brings me to my next point...

It's MINE!

Kidding. A lot of the stuff, like code snippets and certain images, I will be putting up under the Creative Commons license, so look for the licensing and feel free to use whatever I've tagged as Creative Commons for personal use. (You may not use anything on this site for your company or to sell anything unless epressly stated as such. I'm happy to work with folks on a case-by-case basis to find appropriate corporate licensing terms.)

Anyway, that's all for now. Keep checking back. I seem to be entering into a pretty good habit of making nightly updates to the site, even if they are small ones. All the best, and greetings from Down Under!


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